Jan 15, 2018

The serpent who was Lucifer said to the woman.

The serpent who was Lucifer said to the woman. (7)

“Did God say to you, ‘You must not eat from any fruit of tree in the garden?’ ”

The serpent said to the woman. (8)

“If you ate that fruit, surely you will not die, for the God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will open, and you will become the knowing good and evil.”

Eve and Adam neglected the order of the Trinity, and they ate the fruit, and they lost the Eternal Life as same as the demons who have lost the Grace forever. In other words, already the Word of God had given the rulings to the demons; and the God gave the Original Sin to the human being. Therefore, the Original Sin has been handed down from generation to generation. (9)

Adam and Eve had the children.

When the children offered their offerings to the God, as He looked favor on the younger brother’s lamb, the elder brother was jealous of him, and Cain killed Abel in the field. Therefore, the God got angry; He deported Cain from his homeland. (10)

(7) Genesis 3:1 (8) Genesis 3:4-5 (9) Genesis 3:6-7 (10) Genesis 4:3-16

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